Gus Gallagher never thought he was anyone special, and it seemed there were always kids who were better than him in whatever he tired to do. But the Gentleman knew Gus was special because he saw Gus cared about people and wanted people to get along and work together. The Gentleman gave Gus the essence stone of Wind—making him Gusto, the leader of the HeroBoys. Now Gusto must find ways to bring out the best in his team as they try to show Citytown what it really means to be a hero.


Boys' imaginations have no limits!

Collect all the HeroBoys accessories and set your children off on adventures of their own.

18in Hero

18" Heros

For ages 3+

Own your very own HeroBoy! Pick from all six heroes. Each HeroBoy comes with his own stand so you can proudly display him when the two of you are not busy saving the world from evil!

Comic Book

HeroBoys Comic

For ages 7+

Designed for children that feel comfortable reading on their own, each monthly issue is delivered straight to your mailbox. Boys read along as our heroes embark in a new adventure that allows them to learn an important new moral that will not only entertain them but also make them grow as young boys.

T Shirts


For all ages

Every HeroBoy has an emblem on their suit, show off your HeroBoy pride with your favorite hero's emblem!

Masks and Capes

Mask & Cape

For all ages

What superhero doesn't have a mask or cape? Get both to help your little HeroBoy .


Other Accessories

For all ages

Stickers, Caps, Mugs, and much more to show your HeroBoys pride!

What's Included: