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Summer is off to an awesome start in the world of Whimzy Entertainment! Read all about what’s going on with the HeroBoys in our summer update.

Our 18” Heroes are expected to ship in late July!

As you’ve probably heard by now, our 18” heroes are in the final stage of production. We are finalizing the details with our manufacturer and expect shipments to begin in late July.

Kickstarter supporters, it’s about time to choose your 18” Hero!

Our 18” Heroes were recently the stars of their own photo shoot! We’ll be touching base with our Kickstater supporters in the coming weeks so you can choose which Hero you would like. Be on the lookout!

We’re still accepting pre-orders.

If you weren’t a Kickstarter a supporter, but would like to be one of the first to receive one of the most highly anticipated toys of the year, you can pre-order the 18” Heroes here.

Issue 3 is now available as an eReader on Amazon Kindle.

If you can’t get enough of HeroBoys or you prefer eReaders, you can now order Issue 3 through Amazon. Best of all, you don’t need a Kindle. Just get the app, which is free.

Speaking of Amazon, we’d like to ask your help. Can you please review our comic books on Amazon? Your input is extremely helpful to us.

HeroBoys is popping up all over Miami!

Over the past month you may have noticed that our HeroBoys have been on several adventures here in Miami. For example, we participated in a reading with the Mayor of Coral Gables at La Piazza. Most recently, we attended a Father’s Day event at the National Hotel called A Father’s Day Fit for a Super Dad.

If you’d like the HeroBoys to attend your South Florida event, send us an email at ed@whimzyent.com. As always, thank you for your support




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Kids have incredibly giving hearts making it easy for them to learn how to be compassionate with people, animals, and even nature. We just need to guide them to use their own gifts and voice. Any kid can help pick up trash, wash out a container for recycling, or learn to turn off the lights when he or she leaves a room. Their ability to make a difference is far greater than most kids realize, which is why we like to say, “There’s a Hero Inside Every Boy!”

When it comes to saving the earth, kids can learn some easy habits early on that can make a big difference.

First things first, teaching kids to do things to help the planet can be fun. Give them energy points! Try making it a game by giving them “Energy Points” for earth-friendly tasks. The more points they have, the more power they get as a superhero!

  1. Conserve electricity by turning off lights, TVs and ceiling fans when not in use. It doesn’t take a lot of effort for a child to flip or switch or push a button on a remote. Teach them that by doing so they are saving precious energy that superheroes need to fight their battles.
  1. Save water. Water is a fun element for a lot of kids. They might like to play with it when they brush their teeth or take long showers while playing with toys and colored foam. But as every superhero knows, water can be a much-needed element when it’s time to defeat the villain.
  1. Know the difference between trash and recyclable items. Sometimes getting kids to pick up after themselves can be a chore in and of itself, but teaching them the difference between trash and recycling doesn’t have to be difficult. Post a picture somewhere near the trash can of items that are recyclable so that they remember. Check out our superhero version below. Just save and print!
  1. Be kind to plants and animals. When kids are discovering nature they often want to touch everything and many times want to turn just about anything into a pet. Teach them to leave plants and animals in their home. It’s just like letting them stay in their own superhero headquarters!
  1. Ask yourself, “What would Stormsurge do?” Stormsurge’s role on the HeroBoys is to show kids that real heroes fight to protect our environment. This nature-loving hero is an expert at knowing how to use and conserve our natural resources. Ask your kid to pretend they are a superhero protecting the environment too.

Learn more about Stormsurge and all of the HeroBoys on our website where you can also check out our comic books, apparel and 18” heroes!


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Things to do at home with your kids this summer

Summer is heating up as the school year comes to a close. With kids spending more time at home, every parent looks for ways to help them use all that energy with constructive activities. Whether you’re trying to help your child prevent “summer slide” or give them something to do other than getting sucked into TV and video games, we’ve compiled a list just for you.

Here are 15 At-Home Adventures for Your Kids This Summer

  1. Make an arts and crafts box. You can get lots of awesome supplies at dollar stores. Don’t preplan. Just buy random supplies and see what the kids create!
  1. Hold a reading scavenger hunt. Put a clue every five pages or in every chapter. You can even spread the scavenger out for a week or more.
  1. Go on a treasure hunt in your home. Ask your kids to hide a treasure (you get pre-approval so they don’t pick valuables or fragile items) and create a treasure map. Your kids can switch treasure maps with their friends or with you.
  1. Be a superhero for a day. Everyone chooses his or her own superhero name and must be called by that name the rest of the day.
  1. Improvise an outdoor obstacle course. Dash, jump and stretch your way around trees, chairs, pool floats, hoses and more.
  1. Play in the hose. There’s something about spraying hose water that makes even adults giggle. Add water guns or water balloons to the mix for extra fun.
  1. Speaking of splishing and splashing, playing in the rain is a fun way to break the rules and enjoy Mother Nature.
  1. Open a pop-up café. Let your kids plan the menu, design the menu and prepare the food for their own pop-up restaurant.
  1. Learn something new or improve a skill. Summer downtown is the perfect time to learn something new or practice improving existing ones.
  1. Start a garden. Let your kids choose the herbs, vegetables, fruits or flowers. They can even pick out their own gardening outfit.
  1. Be their student for a day. Switch roles and let them teach you something they are really interested in. They can even give you tests and homework.
  1. Put me in coach! Start a team of your kid’s favorite sport. Let them coach you, come up with the team name and even plan the uniforms.
  1. Take a walk. Get outside and go for a walk. Challenge your kids to look for shapes in nature, spot animals, or look for specific colors.
  1. DIY fashion. Get a pack of plain white t-shirts and let your kids paint their own.
  1. Invent something. Whether it’s a new superhero device or other useful contraption, challenge your kids to invent, and make, something completely new.

At HeroBoys we celebrate children’s imagination through our adventurous comic books based on six kid heroes whose special powers are based on their unique personalities. Click here for more information on the HeroBoys characters, comic books, and our 18” plush/plastic hero action figures.

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5 Superhero Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Anne Geddes

When you’re a kid, your parents are your first heroes. This Father’s Day, HeroBoys wants to help your kids celebrate their superhero dad.

We’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly and easy ways that kids can honor their dad. Share this list with your children and let them choose.

Here are five fun ways to celebrate a Father’s Day superhero style.

1. Anoint him with a really cool superhero name.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s dad! Sometimes a dad does something so cool that you’re sure he has super powers. While surely “dad” is the name that makes him the proudest, give him a special superhero name for those times when he defies the odds with his impressive talents.

Pick one word from the left column and one word from the right column or create your own!

Super Secret Agent
Fantastic Grill Master
Lightning Sports Fanatic
Wild Comedian
Marvelous Muscles
Stunning Protector
Spectacular Smarty Pants
Captain Big Heart

2. Give him time to recharge his superhero powers.

Every hero needs time to rest otherwise his powers will be depleted. Create a superhero rest zone for your dad. Make sure he has his favorite drinks and snacks so that he can fill up before your next adventure.

3. Let him pick the adventure.

It’s no secret that superheroes are always up for a little adventure. This Father’s Day let your dad choose the activity. Maybe there’s a movie from his childhood that he wants to watch with you or he’d like to perfect his golf swing with you as his sidekick. Whatever dad wants, dad gets.

4. Be his sidekick.

Speaking of sidekicks, there’s no better way to compliment your dad than to show him just how much you look up to him. Help out by taking care of some his jobs around the house (make sure you have permission first). You can also do your chores without asking or do something like he would. Every superhero is only as good as their extraordinary sidekick so go for it!

5. Get your hands dirty.

A real superhero is not afraid to get their hands dirty. Use one or both of our free printables below to create a truly unique Father’s Day gift that he’ll never forget.

Are you using one of our free printables this Father’s Day? Take a photo of your creation and send it the HeroBoys at missions@heroboys.com.

Father's Day Superhero Free Printable Activity Worksheet

Father's Day Superhero Free Printable Card

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Create your own HeroBoy with this free hero activity worksheet!

Step 1: Right click on the image to save it.

Step 2: Open the image file and print it.

Step 3: Let your imagination run wild as you create your hero!

Step 4: Want your hero to be considered for the HeroBoys team? Email your design to mission@heroboys.com.

Create Your Hero Printable Worksheet

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