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The superheroes and comic book industry are as popular as ever, but unfortunately, that comes with a price. Studios are racking up mega profits while parents have to exercise extra caution before taking their kids to the movies with them. While we relish in the imagination of the comic book world, the far-fetched story lines have simultaneously also become more mature and violent than ever.

Insiders confirm that yes, in fact, comic books’ content, and their on-screen counterparts, are now being created more for adults than for kids. With the popularity of blockbuster multimillion-dollar films, comic books and comic cons, the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

In an article that recently appeared on cnbc.com entitled, “No ‘Joke’: Comic book movies aren’t for kids anymore, and studios embrace it,” the author notes,

The last decade has turned comic book movies into creative goldmines, as fanboys who came of age reading the source material flock to relive childhood memories on the big screen. Yet the somber tone and violence has more people questioning whether the entertainment should be more kid-friendly, because many fans were first exposed to characters like Batman, Superman and the X-Men as children.

In the same article, Sam Register, president of Warner Brothers Animation, chimed in on the conversation. “With the wide array of alternative forms of entertainment, including video games and Web-based platforms, ‘kids have a lot of stuff they can do … other than reading comics,’” he said.

This trend is just one more example of why we are so passionate about the HeroBoys comic books and superheroes. As parents of young boys, we wanted to feel good about the superheroes that our sons idealized, which is why we created HeroBoys.

HeroBoys is a line of toys and comic books meant to use children’s love of superheroes to celebrate adventure, imagination, and limitless potential. Each of the six heroes is a boy whose superpower is based on his unique personality making them relatable to average kids.

In addition, it’s important to us that the comic books’ content get the thumbs up from both our readers and their parents, a feat that as any parent knows, is not always so easy to accomplish. In each issue, the story combines the adventurous plots that kids crave with meaningful, value-centered content that parents can feel comfortable with.

In short, while the rest of the superhero world looks to increasingly play up dark content, we have found a way to experience the excitement of heroes with our kids in a platform we can both enjoy.

Want to share the HeroBoys with your kid or as a gift? For a limited time, you can pre-order our 18” Heroes and save with code “Preorder” until June 22, 2016. We also invite you to check out the latest HeroBoys comic books issues.

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HeroBoys 18" Action Figure Heroes

We have so much to be thankful for over here at Whimzy Entertainment. For starters, your support has been absolutely incredible! The amount of excitement from everyone has been simply amazing. With that being said, we have two major announcements this month that we think you’ll really be excited about!

Our 18” heroes are in the final stage of production!

We finally received the complete set of our 18” heroes! Our boys can’t keep their hands off of them. They even took them out to dinner with us over the weekend and we actually had people stopping us on the street to ask us what they were. How cool is that?

As a loyal fan and supporter, you’re going to be one of the first to get your hands on them! The manufacturer has to make a couple of minor tweaks to the heroes because we can’t let them go out to you in anything less than perfect shape. Once that’s done, the heroes you ordered will be on the way to you! We expect to have them ready to start shipping in seven to 10 weeks.

Get your hero as a Kickstarter supporter or preorder now and save.

In the coming weeks we will be reaching out to our Kickstarter supporters who ordered a hero to confirm which one they want. If you haven’t preordered yours yet, there’s still time to do and save on your order. Use code “Preorder” and receive $6 off (one for each hero) any 18” inch hero ordered in the next month.

Issue 3 is just about ready to be released.

If you’ve been waiting for Issue 3 to be released, not to worry! It’s just about ready to send out. We have been extremely grateful for your patience as we have worked through some printing issues. The good news is that we’re just about ready to roll. Issue 3 is jam packed with action and a new villain so get ready!

We couldn’t do this without you so thank you! Stay tuned for more updates. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest HeroBoys news by clicking here.

// HeroBoy Blazer HeroBoy ThunderHawkHeroBoy Techno

HeroBoy RockoHeroBoy GustoHeroBoy StormSurge

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Is a lack of playtime hurting our kids?

As the pressures and demands of school and extracurricular activities increasingly become normal for the average kid, it seems that free time is dwindling. And while it may seem beneficial that children learn about schedules and responsibilities, burn out among tikes is just one of the many risks associated with highly restrictive schedules.

Many psychologists and parenting experts are now speaking out saying that limited free time is not only causing kids stress and anxiety, but is also a detriment to their learning process—quite the opposite of what all of those tests and to-do lists were made for. In an article entitled, “Less Play Time = More Troubled Kids, Experts Say” that appeared on health.usnews.com, psychologists pointed to trouble with problem-solving, lack of independence, underdevelopment of imagination, and poor social skills among the issues that can arise from a lack of free time.

The article cited Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College who said, “When kids are allowed to play, they make up games, negotiate rules and make sure others are playing fair. All of that helps to teach children how to make decisions, to solve problems and gain self-control. Children who have too many emotional outbursts or who insist on getting their way too often quickly learn they need to change their behavior if they want to continue to be welcomed into the group.”

What does this mean for kids as they become teenagers and young adults? No one knows for sure, but studies have shown an upward trend in the number of teens who are anxious or depressed. In one famous study led by Jean Twenge at San Diego State University, the results showed an increase in the rate of depression and young people over the last 50 to 70 years in the U.S.

Could this uptick be due to a lack of free time, tight schedules, pressure to perform, or perceived world problems? Or perhaps there’s just an increase in diagnoses as society begins to talk more about mental health? It’s hard to say. Still, it would certainly make sense that a lack of free time during the crucial years of childhood development could easily translate into stressed out adults. If you never learn how to enjoy the benefits of unstructured time, it’s easy to understand why someone would then fill any voids in their schedule and be anxious if they had nothing to do, even for just an hour or two.

One a final note, hard, continuous work is highly valued in our society. Just take a look at celebrities and highly successful, well-known personalities. How often do they talk about having free time? Never. Therefore, we are just amplifying the message that go, go, go and endless sacrifice means success. Anything else means you’re lazy. And as we were all taught, being lazy is a bad thing.

So how do you strike a balance between teaching the value of hard work and encouraging your kid to enjoy free time? We want to know. Leave a comment below.


Goodwin, J. (2011, September 22). Less Play Time = More Troubled Kids, Experts Say. Retrieved May 10, 2016, from http://health.usnews.com/health-news/family-health/brain-and-behavior/articles/2011/09/22/less-play-time–more-troubled-kids-experts-say

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you don’t have a plan yet, don’t worry. The HeroBoys have you covered!

Step 1: Get the best card ever.

Every mom loves an awesome Mother’s Day card, especially when it’s handmade. Print and color this Mother’s Day card or make one on your own.

Free Printable Superhero Mother's Day Card for Kids

Step 2: Give her a super sweet gift.

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it’s thoughtful. Do you have the world’s best mom? Print and fill out this certificate to let her know why she’s your number one super mom!

Free Mothers Day Printable Super Mom Certificate for Kids

Step 3: Put your superhero powers to work.

Every HeroBoy knows that having good manners and helping with chores around the house is a must. This Mother’s Day go above and beyond for your mom. It won’t take a lot of effort, but it will make your mom feel extra nice to have some more time to relax.

• Help feed your pets.
• Clean your room without being asked.
• Fold the laundry.
• Wash the dishes.
• Make her bed.
• Water the plants.

Look for other ways to help your mom throughout the day. For example, if you see her doing something that you could easily do for her, let her know that you’ll handle it so she can do something she likes instead. She’ll love the extra help!

Step 4: Make her feel special!

A mom always knows how to make a kid feel super. They have a special power for knowing just what to do and say at the right time. Think of some ways you can make your mom feel extraordinary. Here are a few ideas:

• Give her a massage.
• Sing her a song.
• Make her favorite snack or meal.
• Bring her breakfast in bed.
• Let her take a nap.
• Play her favorite music.

You know your mom better than anyone else. Try to incorporate her favorite things into the day and she’ll have the best Mother’s Day ever. Plus, whatever you do, she’s sure to love it!

Are you using one of our free printables this Mother’s Day? Take a photo of your creation and send it the HeroBoys at missions@heroboys.com.

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