How to encourage your child's creativity

If you’ve ever spent anytime with a child, it probably didn’t take you long to realize the depth of their imagination. From curious questions and unique reasoning to inventive solutions, there’s no doubt that kids naturally think outside of the box. In fact, we’re certain that if you observed their play time long enough, you could probably solve most of the world’s problems with their innocent and unlimited imagination.

Some kids may shy away from expressing this creativity, but rest assured, they are well equipped to unleash it! Our job as parents is to help them unlock this potential because they will “grow up” soon enough bound by endless rules and structure. However, as we all know, imaginative adults change the world.

Here are 5 ways you can encourage your child to be creative:


1. Let them come up with solutions instead of always telling them how to do things.

Society has advanced because people have innovated solutions to everyday problems. The next time your child asks you how to do something or you feel compelled to tell them to do something differently, ask them how they would solve the problem.

2. Setup an arts and crafts box game.

Most everyone has an arts and crafts drawer or box. Make a list of everything you have on hand. Then, put each item in a jar, bag or hat. Each person draws three items from the jar and has to create something using only those items.

3. Write a story as a group.

Grab a notebook and be prepared to laugh. Each person takes a turn making up one sentence of a story. Write down everyone’s response. Read the story all together at the end. If your child likes to draw, skip pages or place text at the bottom of a blank page to give them room to illustrate your unique book.

4. Make up new rules to a board game.

Take an old board game and bring it back to life by inventing a new way to play the game. Let your kids take charge in making the rules.

5. Give your kids free time.

Kids are constantly being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Give them the opportunity to enjoy free time. Ask them what they want to do; you may be surprised at the answer. You may have to set some parameters such as free time outside or in the certain areas of the house. You can also try to gently direct them to try new things by setting those parameters around things that they don’t normally elect to do. Just be sure to give them plenty of wiggle room to create!

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We are very excited to announce that we received the latest prototype from our manufacturer this week and it is amazing! It has the just and look and feel we were aiming for: the soft, plush torso, joints and the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees (and wrists – added bonus!).

Now that the base model of the prototype is approved (see photo) our manufacturer has begun tooling for the various components of the heroes such as skin tone. All of the heads have also been designed and they look incredible. Plus, now that we know what material we will be using, we are creating the clothing for each HeroBoy.

We’re so close to production, we just might burst from excitement! The first of the heroes should be ready in six to eight weeks!

One of the reasons we’re so very proud of the heroes is that there is absolutely nothing else like them on the market. In fact, we spent a lot of time at the International Toy Fair in New York City last month and even at a major expo, with hundreds of vendors, there was nothing like our HeroBoy!

Secondly, as parents, we want to be sure that we are producing something special for not just our kids, but yours as well. We could have used off the shelf parts to get these produced sooner, but we chose to take the time and expense to make something special and we think you’ll be very happy that we did.

We truly appreciate our supporters understanding in this process. No one wants to get the heroes to our backers more than we do, so we are moving forward as quickly as possible but we really think you’ll be thrilled once you get yours. We thank you for your support and your patience with the extended production time frame as we work to create a product that meets the highest standards.

In the meantime, you can look forward to a new issue of HeroBoys each month. And if your child just can’t get enough, you can purchase capes, masks, t-shirts so they can dress-up just like their favorite HeroBoy! Click here to shop our available inventory.

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HeroBoys Action Figure Heads Prototype






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last minute ideas for things to do with kids during spring break

Spring break is here, but for many parents, planning a vacation isn’t an option. So what’s a mom or dad to do? HeroBoys has a put together a list of last minute activities you can do with your kids during spring break.

1. Take a tour of your town.

How well do you know your own backyard? If you’re like many people, you don’t visit the touristy spots very often much less learn about their history. What better way to teach your kids about where they live than to take a city tour? Many times you can buy discounted tickets or city packages for multiple attractions through the town’s website or deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.

2. Check out your local library’s events.

Public libraries provide much more than books and computers. Most also hold events like game nights, arts and crafts, book readings and more. Chances are your local library will be hosting kid friendly events during spring break so be sure to check it out.

3. Visit the beach or park.

Whether you live near beaches or mountains, getting outside may be just what the kids—and you—need. It doesn’t take much, but the memories of playing in the sand or conquering that trail, will live on.

4. Host your own field day.

Hosting a field day for your kids and their friends can be a great way to easily entertain a crowd. Make use of your own backyard or play games at a local park. Either way, a little spring break competition is a fun, and simple, way to keep your kids productive.

5. Volunteer.

We don’t have to tell you that there are tons of organizations looking for an extra set of hands. Do some research to see which ones you can help out. You can even ask your kids what they’d be interested in doing. If all else fails, organize a trash pick up walk in your neighborhood.

6. Turn your kitchen into a creative cooking show.

Most kids like being creative and doing projects with their hands. All kids like to eat. Let your kids pick the menu or challenge them to make a dish using only what you already have on hand in the cupboards and refrigerator.

5. Get artsy.

Pick up some sidewalk chalk from the dollar store or grab paper and a pencil from the junk drawer. Go outside and create a mural on your driveway or patio. You can also collect leaves and either trace them or put them under the paper and color over them with the pencil to create a unique piece of art. If weather is an issue, have your kid draw a picture of themselves with their favorite toy or as a character in their favorite book. It’s always fun to see what they come up with!

8. Put on a show.

Cast your kids and their friends in a play, a talent show, a dance performance, or a concert. You can even act out an issue of HeroBoys! Go the extra mile by hand making invitations and inviting other parents or family to attend the show.

9. Hold a movie marathon.

Who doesn’t like hanging out in their PJs all day? Choose a theme, a series or pull the movie names out of a hat. Set up a candy bar, order in pizza, grab the popcorn, and enjoy!

10. Play in a board game tournament.

Put those board games that are sitting in the closet to good use! Organize a board game tournament. You can even incorporate apps and video games into the mix to keep things interesting.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your spring break, a little imagination can go a long way in creating memories without stretching your budget. Take it from us! That’s why we created HeroBoys. Our line of comic books and toys celebrate the adventure, imagination, and limitless potential of children while reinforcing positive values. Happy spring break!

Draw yourself with a HeroBoys comic book superhero!


HeroBoys comic books for kids

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3 creative ways to teach your child to be grateful

As a parent, teaching your children to be grateful is an important lesson that isn’t always easy to teach. We can teach them to say, “thank you,” but do they really understand what that means?

It seems that in today’s world we readily expect instant gratification, which can easily become a slippery slope on the road to entitlement. With advancements in technology, our children have so much available at their fingertips, including messages of “more is more.” How can parents teach their children to be grateful?

1. Create a points system for chores.

A points for chores system works well when the points are rewards for things that the kids really want and they are easy enough to earn. The tasks and rewards will naturally change as the kids get older. For example, a toddler may get a point for every time they brush their teeth, while an adolescent will get a point for every time they clean the bathroom. The key is to pick rewards that are highly coveted like sleepovers, TV time, tablet use, and even favorite desserts. Your kids will naturally learn to be more grateful when they begin to understand that they have to be responsible for earning what they want rather than just expecting that they will get it.

2. Log “30 Days of Gratitude” as a family.

A little extra gratitude never hurt anyone. Each family member can get in on this one! Print a gratitude chart for each person in your home. Every day for 30 days each person fills out what they are grateful for. You can do this together as a family at dinnertime or you can start a gratitude circle at a time when everyone is home. This exercise serves two purposes. For starters, it will allow your kids to become aware of things that they are grateful for and secondly, it reinforces the lesson when they see you participating. Chances are this exercise will make you feel great too as you remind yourself of everything that you have to be thankful for.

3. Create a Needs vs. Wants Game

Helping your children to understand “needs” versus “wants” is an important piece of gratitude. One way you can teach this is through making it a game. Buy a pack of plain round stickers in two colors. After you explain what a need is versus what a want is, assign one color sticker to each. For the sake of this example, we’ll say blue stickers are for needs and red stickers are for wants. Ask your kids to go around the house and put blue stickers on the things they need to live and red stickers on things that are wants. You can do this along with them to help them differentiate between the two. Afterwards, leave the stickers on the objects as a constant visual reminder to your kids.

If you’re looking for more creative ways to teach your children values, check out the HeroBoys line of superhero toys and comic books. These products were created to use children’s love of superheroes to celebrate adventure, imagination, and limitless potential, while reinforcing positive values, values we learned from our parents: honesty, loyalty, humility, compassion, and diligence. Click here for more information on our line comic books, action figures and apparel for kids.

Free printable! 30 Days of Gratitude Chart

Click here to download.

30 days of gratitude chart for kids

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